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The Handbook of Global Companies

Language: English Year: 2013 E-book Format: pdf File Size: 3 MB
The Handbook of Global Companies brings together original research addressing the latest theories and empirical analysis surrounding the role of global companies in local, national, and international governance.
• Offers new insights into the role of global companies in relation to policy and governance at local, national, and international levels • Brings together newly-commissioned research by a global team of established and up-and-coming scholars from the fields of international relations, political science, public policy, and beyond • Considers the environmental and societal responsibilities of global corporations. • Covers topics including the spatial locations of global companies debate about the power they wield and their role as catalysts in new forms of governance and the ways in which global companies share authority with the state and international organizations to drive policy processes • Speculates on the broader potential and limitations of global governance.

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