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Building A Data-Driven App With Angularjs 2015

Want to create web applications that can handle multiple users, registration, and real-time data? With these AngularJS tutorials, you'll be quickly building apps with advanced features like these. Ray Villalobos starts the course with a Git, Node.js, and GitHub setup that will get you off on the right foot. Next, learn how to create your first controller, connect a Firebase database, and read, push, and delete data from that database.

Ray then shows you how to set up user registration with Firebase's simpleLogin service, so you can log users in and out and pass registration data back and forth from the app. With a few finishing touches, like custom directives, your Angular app will be ready to publish.

Note: This course was revised in March 2015 to reflect changes to Firebase's database and simpleLogin services.

Topics include:
* Installing Git and Node.js on Mac or Windows
* Installing AngularJS and its models
* Creating modules and routes
* Working with controllers
* Connecting to Firebase data
* Adding user registration
* Searching, filtering, and deleting records
* Creating custom directives

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