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Firearms and Ballistics

Does the gunshot residue reveal how far from the target a weapon was fired? Is there any trace evidence to prove the
accused handled a specific firearm? What is the likely behaviour of a ricocheting bullet? Do the marks on a bullet
prove categorically that it was fired from a particular weapon? Handbook of Firearms and Ballistics tackles these and
many more issues in a clear and accessible manner and is essential reading for all defence and prosecution practitioners,
the judiciary, forensic experts, police forces and all those involved in this fascinating area. The judges’ view:
"For those judges who have to try crimes involving firearms it will be of great assistance to have available in one
volume such a comprehensive review of the subject …" His Honour Judge Neil Denison QC, Common Serjeant of London,
UK "In a world where real expertise becomes increasingly significant it is important to have a standard against which
to judge that expertise.

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