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MySQL Developer’s Library 4th Edition

MySql is a very popular relational database for a number of reasons: it is free for most applications; while not open source it is heavily used by the open source community; and it runs easily on Windows and UNIX. The author's approach is to use two sample databases to explain SQL (structured query) databases with Perl, PHP, and C; administering MySql; and security. This book will be very popular with users who already understand relational databases and are trying to move from Microsoft or Oracle to MySql. About the Author
Paul DuBois is a writer, database administrator, and leader in the open source and
MySQL communities. He has contributed to the online documentation for MySQL and
is the author of MySQL and Perl for the Web (New Riders), MySQL Cookbook, Using csh
and tcsh, and Software Portability with imake (O’Reilly). He is currently a technical writer
with the MySQL documentation team at Sun Microsystems.

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