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Anyone who travels by air has good reason to be concerned. Besides post-9/11 jitters, we increasingly hear reports of flaws in the air traffic system, overworked flight controllers, computer failures at peak traffic hours, near misses in the air and on the ground. One carefully underreported threat (don’t panic the customers) is shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles—easy to operate, inexpensive, and readily available—presently impossible for civilian airliners to defend against. Our airplanes are, if not sitting, at least slow-flying ducks for terrorists. Cited again and again is incompetence at all levels of the agencies tasked with aviation security. Most “security measures” supposedly in place to protect air travelers are highly cosmetic. Officials at the highest levels proclaim that “the government is doing everything in its power to counter terrorism.” We hope that this brief review of airport security—or lack thereof—will move readers to demand genuine, efficient action from people who know what they
are doing.

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