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Who Cooked the Last Supper

I almost didn't buy this book because of the title since I'm not into cooking or religion. But I am so glad I did buy it. I have read many, many books on women's history over the years, and I have to say this is by far the best! (Another great women's history book is "The Ladies of Seneca Falls.") The author writes in plain language and educates the reader on the lives of women from biblical times to the present. She not only shows how women have been persecuted in every country and in every era, but also shows how women have stayed strong and persevered. She portrays women not as victims, but also shows their strengths and accomplishments. This book should be required reading in our schools so that girls can acquire a better sense of what is important in life and be proud of their foremothers and their own history. And men should read this book also so they can hopefully have more respect for women

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